Patrick Sargent


Patrick Sargent aka "The Sarge" is just one of those infectious people you want to be around. That, combined with his uncanny ability to shred some of the sickest saxophones riffs this side of New Orleans, makes him a special artist to have on the Dala Records roster. 

Having toured internationally with top acts like Lee Fields & the Expressions, Ikebe Shakedown, and Lady, at twenty four years old, saxophonist Patrick Sargent has quickly emerged as an important voice in the New York music scene. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Sargent made his way to New York City in 2009 in pursuit of a Jazz Performance degree from New York University. Teaming up with fellow NYU students, Sargent found himself playing alongside New York’s most entertaining R&B and Americana group, The Rad Trads. The Rad Trads have gone on to become an in-demand live act, performing all over the United States and Europe.  Sargent has also played alongside Sammy Miller and the Congregation, who was most recently named Artist of The Year by the Young Patrons of Lincoln Center.  

With his debut EP, That Healin’ Feelin’, Sargent explores a new sound that features his raunchy tenor sax accompanied by gritty organ groves and hard hitting guitar and drums. As the title suggests, this is a feel-good record, tackling soul, country, gospel, jazz and boogaloo with an infectious energy and a taste for the raw, powerful sounds of 1960s soul jazz. Patrick is well on his way to become a defining figure in the future generation of soul music. With his wild performance style and overwhelming need to make the listener feel “damn good,” we sure are glad to have a home for him here at Dala Records.