Steve Garvin Single Review


Enjoy this nice little review of Steve Garvin’s new single from the folks at It’s Not Records!

“Evelyne” is a lucky girl despite how sorry Steve Garvin might be for what he’s done.  The song is reminiscent of a Beatles love song as a guitar chugs on quarter and eighth not comps between skillful runs and riffs in a rhythmic way.  The drum performance is simple and to the point allowing the harmony and lyrics to tell their story all over a block chord organ bed.  Music like “Evelyne” is only written by someone who has a clear and focused understanding of how rhythm and harmony can come together to make something that is both soothing and driving simultaneously.  “Evelyne” is for people who might be nostalgic for writing like the kind of writing the Beatles did later in their career, check it out below and learn more about Steve Garvin.