Kyle Lacy Single Review


Thanks so much to Charleston Scene for the great write-up on Kyle Lacy’s new single! Enjoy a snippet below and then follow the link below for the full article.

Lacy’s music is infused with the raw soul of the records he grew up listening to with his parents: Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis. Throw in some of the ’90s swing revival that emerged when names like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy electrified the radio waves and a splash of Charles Bradley’s intoxicating energy and you’ve got what Lacy’s going for. 

He’s also an advocate of tape machine recording, keeping with his authentic vintage vibe.

“Anybody who’s anybody knows you gotta use tape,” he says. “Not because of the sound, but because of the linear recording method; you can’t fake it.” 

“You’re more apt to accept a mistake that is beautiful,” he adds. “It sounds human, not perfect.”