Flea Market Funk Review

Thanks to our friends at Flea Market Funk for this nice little write-up of the new singles. Read an excerpt below and then follow the link for the full piece.  

"...this record is our favorite soul record of 2017 so far, and seriously will make top ten lists at year’s end. It’s that good. Authentic sounding, no retro throwback bullshit at all, it’s raw and lovely at the same time. Billy The Kid commands the spotlight with some psychedelic soul on the B side with “Honey Bee”. Lo-fi but packing a wallop of sound, he takes advantage of lap steel guitar, Farfisa organ, Maestro Rhythm King drum machine and fuzz guitar, and that haunting voice of his to take this B side into the sunset. While both sides of this record represent Dala Records proper. it’s not just the representation that’s the reason you should own this record. It’s authentic soul through and through, it’s out of New York City, and both sides are special in their own way."