Punchland Interview: Camellia Hartman


Enjoy this in-depth interview with the lovely Camellia Hartman courtesy of the fine folks at Punchland. Read a snippet below then follow the link for the full scoop. 

"For Miss Hartman, instrumentation came before her vocals. “t’s funny, I’ve always thought of myself as a violinist above all else in terms of music, but over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed lending my voice to many different projects in all pockets of my community. Billy and I have been friends for years and in that time we’ve helped each other workshop a few ideas. This new song s an exciting turn in our partnership. Billy has really mastered the craft of analog recording, and I overcame some vocal issues I was battling. The timing was just right. It started organically as a casual, friendly collaboration but ended up planting the seed for many more projects to come.” Listeners will be overjoyed with the new material that will eventually take over the airwaves in the future."