Exclusive Interview With John Fatum

Enjoy this in-depth interview with John Fatum courtesy of the good folks at East of 8th. Read a snippet here and then check out the full interview via the link below.

"Fatum’s collective of creative friendships, a group which includes Sarah Jarosz, who stepped in to play mandolin and contribute backing vocals to the project, came in handy for recording; he also has fully embraced and immersed himself in the folk and Americana scene in Brooklyn, and delved deeper into the catalogs of the artists he admires. “I really tried to simplify the songs and the lyrical messages on this album; I spent a lot more time trying to find just the right words. There are still storytelling elements, but as I get more into the catalogs of my favorite songwriters, I’m amazed at how they’re able to progress in their writing,” he declares. “Bruce Springsteen, Sam Cooke, and Willie Nelson are able to convey a message in a way that can potentially be a universal experience or feeling. That was my goal for this album, to tap into how the lyrics and the mood can match each other.”"