The New Album From John Fatum


Thanks to the good folks at Grateful Web for this special look into John Fatum's upcoming LP. Big ups to our friend Annie Bartholomew as well. Read a snippet below and then follow the link below to read the full story. 

"Brooklyn songwriter John Fatum’s self-titled album weaves a legacy of story and sound. Recorded on an 8-track reel-to-reel tape machine in New York’s East Village, his second full-length album carries timelessness amplified by Dala Records’ analog process which captures the imperfection and beauty of live performance with shades of Rolling Stones’ Beggar’s Banquet and The Band’s Music From Big Pink. Trained as a jazz percussionist at Rochester’s Eastman School of Music, 26-year-old John Fatum effortlessly blends the styles of music he grew up listening to in Chicago's north side. Influenced by country blues, gospel, Americana, jazz, and Gulf Coast sounds, John takes on the characters and mythology of those who became before him."