Single Premiere: John Fatum "Pounding of the Rain"

Listen to the new single from John Fatum, "Pounding of the Rain" exclusively on If It's Too Loud today! Available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. on September 4th. 

Here's a snippet of their review:

"Pounding of the Rain" is a laid back track, definitely on the more mainstream side of the current folk scene. I don't mean mainstream in a bad way, so maybe accessible is a better term. It has a touch of a Willy Mason vibe, and has the rarity in folk where the vocals and verses are just as compelling as the instrumental parts. It's a truly fully fleshed out song, with impeccable production for an independent musician. It's great to see such as accomplished and seasoned musician branching out in a new direction at such a young age. This album will definitely be one to watch.